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ATOMIC SKIS AND SKI BOOTS (copyright Atomic)

powder rocker

Flotation - for freeskiers who want perfect lift in powder while still desiring stability on hard snow.

adaptive rocker

Versatility - for all mountain skiers seeking ultimate versatility. Maximum support in soft snow of all terrain, convincing carving characteristics as well as also stress-free drifting on piste.

active camber

Stability - for on-piste skiers, who expect perfect edge-grip even in the hardest snow conditions.

atomic women skis

Women technologies – “women’s flex zones” to ensure perfect control and a smooth ride. Flex builds progressively from centre of tip and the tail of the skis thus making the skis gradually softer the further the flex zones reach into the shovel and tail. “V shaped body “to provide comfortable handling from the skis with easy finishing of turns. “Heel lift” provides a lifted stance that accommodates centre of gravity to relieve pressure on back and spine and affords a more natural posture on the skis.

ATOMIC SKI BOOTS (copyright Atomic)

Pro Fit Last
93/95/98 mm

Low volume, narrow last. Minimal comfort space, thin dense lining for maximum hold and sensititity.

Sport Last
100-102 mm

Medium volume, comfort space.

Comfort Fit Last
104 mm

High volume maximum comfort space, thick lining

Live Fit Last
102 -106 mm

Maximum adaptive comfort space, thick cushioned lining, 4-way stretch forefoot – adaptive volume.


atomic construction 1

Doubledeck Powercore Cap – agile and lively premium construction with titanium laminate and a high grade wood core and boasts excellent tracking, two rubber elastomers in the binding area dampen vibrations and allow for smoother skiing. Used in D2 Race GS, D2 Race SL, D2 VF 70

atomic construction 2

Step Down Sidewall Woodcore TI – the half cap construction at the tip and tail area protects the ski from mechanical damage, the sidewall construction in the binding area improves damping, shock absorption and therefore edge grip. A tip to tail wood core in conjunction with a titanal insert gives the ski an impressively sporty and dynamic character. Used in Savage TI, Crimson TI and Blackeye TI

atomic construction 3

Step Down Sidwall Woodcore -– the half cap construction at the tip and tail area protects the ski from mechanical damage, the sidewall construction in the binding area improves damping, shock absorption and therefore edge grip. The combination of sidewall ski and wood core ensures lively performance and maintains the flex of the ski at all times. Used in Blackeye and Affinity Story

atomic construction 4

Step Down Sidewall Cap Fibre Ti - the half cap construction at the tip and tail area protects the ski from mechanical damage, the sidewall construction in the binding area improves damping, shock absorption and therefore edge grip. The Cap Fibre construction with titnal insert delivers an even more dynamic rebound at higher speeds. Used in Smoke Ti.

atomic construction 5

Cap Densolite very light skis but yet stable and perfect edging in any conditions. Used in Cloud 9 and Cloud 8.

atomic construction 6

Cap Fibre – classic shell construction ensures great performance even with entry models. Used in Performer Fiber, Vario Fiber, Trooper, Cloud 7, Cloud 6, Affinity Air, Race 10 Junior, Race Junior, Nomad Junior, Rascal, Elysian Junior, Sweet Stuff, Spike, Century Junior, Vario Fiber+, Affinity +, Cloud+ ETL+ and ETL 123+

atomic construction 7

Step Down Sidewall L3 Wood Core - the half cap construction at the tip and tail area protects the ski from mechanical damage. The triple-layer sidewall construction in the binding area improves damping while ensuring optimum edge grip and extraordinary durability. The combination of sidewall ski and wood core ensures lively performance and maintains the flex of the ski at all times. Used in Coax, Theory, Atlas, Bent Chetler, Blog, Patent, Elysian, Drifter.

HEAD SKIS (copyright Head)

head skis 1

Flow Ride gives skiers “rocker when you want it, and stability when you need it”. Great fun for everyone, Flow Ride blends the superior edge hold of traditional “bowed” camber witht he flotation of rocker, putting the ski in complete harmony with the mountain. The most versatile of the 3 core profiles.

head skis 2

Flow Rise combines early rise rocker with traditional camber. This profile utilises a longer rise in the tip for increased float in powder with a shorter rise in the tail for surefooted landings. Through the mid-body of the ski, traditional camber is used to maintain edge-hold and rebound for groomed slopes.

head skis 3

Flow Rocker – full-length rocker that starts at the bindings, and works its way to the ends of the ski. The effective edge is shorter, but the large surface of this powder ski profile gives the skier the stability they need. The result is a profile that surfs powder and smears turns with the greatest of ease.

KERS Technology

Kinetic Energy Recovery System: piezoelectric fibres transform kinetic energy into electrical energy which is stored in a chip and released at the end of every turn. Skis experience maximum flex at the end of a turn. At this moment an active microchip releases energy into the fibres of the tail. The tail of the ski then stiffens up, immediately increasing rebound for maximum acceleration at the end of the outturn.

HEAD BOOTS (copyright Head)

Pro-Fit Last 95 – 98 mm

Low volume, narrow last. Minimal comfort space, thin dense lining for maximum hold and sensititity.

Sport Last 103 mm

Medium volume, comfort space.

Adaptive Fit 102 – 104 mm

First and only ski boot with 2 lasts allowing the boot to be changed from 104 mm to 102 mm af tit that adapts to the skiers’ different needs.

K2 SKIS (copyright K2 Skis)

k2 skis speed rocker

Designed for firmer snow – slightly elevated tip and increased tip length provides effortless initiation and flawless transition while camber along the rest of the running surface delivers race-ski precision, power and edge-hold. A shovel height measurement under 2 mm and less than 1.5 cm or less back from shovel TCP (traditional contact point).

k2 skis catch-free rocker

Designed for developing skiers – this elevated tip and tail assures effortless initiation at slow speeds, stability throughout the turn, and ease of release for added confidence and control. A shovel and tail height measurement of 2 mm and 1.5 cm from TCPs with camber underfoot.

k2 skis jib rocker

Designed for the terrain park – elevated tip and tail, zero camber underfoot, offers the best blend of playfulness for butters and tricks combined with increased pop for unmatched ollie power. A shovel and tail height measurement of 2 mm and 1.5 cm length from TCPs with zero camber underfoot.

k2 skis all-terrain rocker

Designed for versatility - features an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance and camber underfoot for power, energy and edge hold in firmer conditions. A measurement between 2 and 10 mm in shovel height and 1.5 to 30 cm in length from TCP.

k2 skis powder rocker

Designed for deep snow – the tip has the most elevation and largest measurement of Rocker and offers skiers s ‘surfy’ feel with enhanced soft-snow performance. The camber region still exists to ensure edge hold on firmer conditions. A measurement of 10 mm and greater in height, 30 cm and further in length from TCP.


k2 construction 1

Wood Core uses a variety of woods to achieve energy, rebound and life. Fir and Aspen both solid and dense woods are known for strength and durability. Paulownio eco-friendly, fast-growing renewable wood used for strength and light-weight characteristics. A softer wood, Spruce is recognised for being forgiving and light-wieght.

k2 construction 2

Torsion Box - a process of wrapping fibreglass around a wood core that produces light, lively skis and share the trait of ease, foregiveness, responsiveness and energy.

k2 construction 3

Sidewall construction – unlike a cap construction the contents of a sidewall constructed ski are sealed and protected by vertical material on the edges of the ski. Extra sidewall material is placed directly above the edge of the ski for additional strength and support. Due to the vertical nature of the construction process, sidewall construction provides extremely high transmission of power and pop.

k2 construction 4

Women’s Bioflex – a combination of dense Fir core underfoot infused with lightweight Spruce at the tip and tail to reduce swing weight to produce a technology specific for women – lightweight, easy to handle, yet sturdy and high-performance.

k2 construction 5

BioCore adventure skis that use a blended core of Aspen, Bamboo and Paulownio this combination represents in a 15% weight saving over traditional Fir/Aspen cores reducing the impact of the ski on you and the winter world.

k2 construction 6

Metal Laminate built with 2 sheets of lightweight titanal running the length of the ski, high performing and most complex construction available from K2. Metal laminates provide dampened, accurate, unshakable performance ideal for expert level skiers.

k2 construction 7

Women’s Metal Laminate – built with a thinner layer of Titanal offering an overall weight reduction while still providing expert level skiers the benefits of performance and dampening, consistent with laminate construction.

k2 construction 8

Progressive Sidecut – a combination of 2 different radii, or sidecuts, that enhances the versatility of wider waisted skis. Guarantees improved turn initiation and hard-snow performance.

k2 construction 9

Triaxial Braiding consists of braiding fibreglass around a wood core to provide torsional rigidity for added control. This unique method produces skis with great torsional strength, this maintains the lively flex patterns of the wood core.

k2 construction 10

Cap Construction durable and lightweight ‘cap’ skis are built via a molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials with the top layer of the ski.

k2 construction 11

Women’s Forward Shifted Sidecut – 2 cm forward relative to the standard sidecut to accommodate the anatomical fact that the centre of mass on a women is generally much lower than that of a man. By shifting the sidecut forward the centre of mass is placed in an optimum position over the ski for more control and easier turn initiation.

SALOMON SKIS (copyright Salomon)

salomon skis powder rocker shape For maximum flotation, floats on snow, playful, versatile at high speeds.
salomon skis twin rocker shape Playful, maximum spin/pivot and easy switch, maximum surf.
salomon skis all-terrain rocker Terrain absorbing and precise turning, fluid terrain absorption, performance on piste, easily and progressive turning, precise.
salomon skis carve rocker shape Precise cornering and playful.


salomon construction 1

Full woodcore from tip to tail, offers optimum stability on snow and powerful rebound, maximises ski/snow contact and filters vibrations.

salomon construction 2

Woodcore addition of wood in the core, stability on snow and rebound, smooth ski/snow contact and filters vibrations.

salomon construction 3

Composite – combination of fibres offers lightness, ease of movement and forgivness.

salomon construction 4

Simple Monocoque – single structural layer of fibre, optimal for comfort, response and movement.

salomon construction 5

Double Monocoque – double layer of fibres for maximum response and edge grip.

salomon construction 6

Sandwich sidewall – extraordinary smooth ski/snow contact and great terrain adaptation, a must for park and pipe and performance proven in laminated sandwich sidewall construction

salomon construction 7

3D Sport Monocoque - with overshaped arms for direct transmission and best edge grip for racing.

salomon construction 8

Ti Laminate – single layer of Titanium reinforcement for great edge grip, efficient energy transfer and liveliness.

salomon construction 9

Edge Armor – innovation for durability, extremely strong polyethylene fiber cord linking the edges of the skis, 25% less edge depression and 10% less edge wrenching.

salomon construction 10

Total Edge Reinforcement – fibre reinforcement laying directly on the edges, edge stiffness for improved edge durability and edgegrip.

salomon construction 11

Wider Edges – thicker edges for increased durability and improved shock resistance.

salomon construction 12

Pulse Pad/+Oversized Pulsepad – elastomer layer all along the edge and/or along the whole front part of the ski. Shock absorption and anti-vibration for smoother and softer ski/snow contact.


World Cup Last 95 mm

Narrow fit for precision skiing.

Performance Last 100 mm

For a narrow foot or someone looking for a closer fit.

Sport Last 102 mm

A close comfortable fit that can be worn all day.

Comfort Last 104 mm

For the broader foot gives comfort and support

Custom Shell 100 – 106 mm

Adaptive shell technology to provide a fit for every foot.


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