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FIVE SEASONS FABRIC GUIDE (copyright Five Seasons)

five seasons trinitech strecth


  • High function laminated stretch
  • Superior flexibility for smooth and easy movement
  • Resistance against water pressure up to extreme 15.000 mm
  • Moisture permeability up to 15.000 g/m²/24 hours
five seasons trinitech plain


  • High function micro porous coated fabrics
  • Superior flexibility for smooth and easy movement
  • Resistance against water pressure up to 10.000 mm
  • Moisture permeability up to 10.000 g/m²/24 hours
five seasons trinitech soft shell


  • Elastic fabric laminated together with a tricot or microfleece
  • Ultimate flexibility for smooth and easy movement
  • Resistance against water pressure up to 10.000 mm
  • Moisture permeability up to 10.000 g/m²/24 hours
five seasons hytec


  • Technical micro porous coating for heavy-duty sportswear
  • Breathable
  • Resistance against water pressure up to 5.000 mm
  • Moisture permeability up to 5.000 g/m²/24 hours
five seasons mountex


  • A mixture of cotton and polyester, coated on both sides
  • Breathable and water repellent
  • Mountex needs to be impregnated after washing to keep its water repellence
five seasons lmp


  • L.M.P is a lightweight micro polyester fleece
  • Provides a soft and warm insulation layer
  • L.M.P is quick drying and remains warm and insulation even when wet
five seasons pro-x-light


  • Pro-X-Light is a functional coating of polyurethane
  • Pro-X-Light is smooth, light and comfortable
five seasons climate-control


  • A polyester fabric with a non-absorbent fibre construction that allows moisture to proceed through to the next garment
  • Provides air circulation and creates microclimate next to the skin
  • Keeps you dry and sweat-free
five seasons drytech


  • Drytech is an engineered wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry
  • Provides air circulation and creates microclimate next to skin
  • Drytech function is applied on both woven and knitted fabrics
five seasons nyco


  • NYCO Twill Peach and Nyco Plain are fabric mixes of dull nylon and finest cotton
  • NYCO`s water repellence offers great functionality
five seasons super-wool


  • Super Wool made from specially Fine.Combed wool, wish is machine washable
five seasons teflon


  • Durable, invisible protection treatment for fabrics that effectively resist soiling, stain and moisture
five seasons ykk


  • The zipper is one of the key points to keep the highest quality standard. We use the best and most famous brand in the world, YKK.
five seasons tyvek


  • A tough durable sheet product made from high-density polyethylene fibres
  • Tyvek is used to all our down jackets for inner down bag
five seasons nikwax


  • Nikwax® Waterproofing is the world’s premier brand of aftercare and waterproofing products for clothing, footwear and equipment.


SALOMON FABRIC GUIDE (copyright Salomon Sports)


salomon fabric clima pro active

Extremely breathable and light-weight yet waterproof fabric protects against bad weather but keeps body dry and comfortable. 10,000 mm waterproof and 30,000 MWTR breathability.

salomon fabric clima pro active

Clima Pro Active Storm highly waterproof and highly breathable fabric to protect against heavy storms. 20,000 mm waterproof and 15,000 breathable g/m²/24 hours.

salomon fabric clima pro

Waterproof and breathable fabrics to ensure great comfort for outdoor activities. 10,000 mm waterproof and 10,000 breathable g/m²/24 hours.

salomon fabric goretex

GoreTex Pro Shell – designed to provide breathable comfort and durably waterproof and windproof protection.

salomon fabric goretex

GoreTex Paclite – the lightest, most packable waterproof, windproof and breathable outerwear garments, ideal when weight and space are critical.


salomon fabric clima wind

Offers a balance between wind protection and high breathability, ideal for aerobic and active sports.

salomon fabric wind stopper

Windstopper Softshell offer high wind protection but are breathable combining the comfort of a soft mid-layer and the water resistance of a shell in one garment.

salomon fabric pirtex

Pirtex Quantum, ultra light-weight, wind resistant and packable fabric.

salomon fabric pirtex

Pirtex Microlight breathable, wind resistand and has a durable water repellent coating.


salomon fabric 247-365

24/7/365 All day, all season softshell provides climate management and comfortable motiton fit. Very weather resistant, yet hightly breathable and stretches to move with you.


salomon fabric acti-therm

Body comfort fleece insulation with appropriate weight for each design purpose.

salomon fabric acti-loft

Light-weight loft-filling insulation with specific weight for each design purpose.

salomon fabric primaloft

PrimaLoft insulation provides down-like properties of warmth to weight, packability and loft. The ultra fine micro fibre is very soft but maintains insulating properties even when wet and dries quickly.

salomon fabric eldeven

Eldeven Down authentic Pyrenean down, natural product of absolute comfort, lightness and warmth.

salomon fabric polartec

Polartec Thermal Pro – high performance insulation with unique fleece textures.

salomon fabric polartec

Polartec Power Stretch Light-weight, body-hugging 4-way stretch fabric provides warmth, unrestricted freedom of movement and exceptional breathability, does not restrict movement of moisture vapour and dries very quickly, slight wind resistance.


salomon fabric acti-lite

Wicks moisture away from the body and dries quickly.


salomon fabric clima uv

Clima Uv 50 Protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. The measures follow the AS/NZS 4399 norm (the most strict international norn).


salomon fabric lycra

Lycra is Invista’s concept for incomparable fit and comfort. With freedom of movement and stretch ability of up to 600%.

salomon fabric lycra sport

Lycra Sport specifically engineered for sporting activities, which require a combination of light-weight, breathability, muscle support and freedom of movement.


salomon fabric goretex

GoreTex with X-trafit – optimum grip for perfect control, durable waterproofness for dry hands and breathability for ideal climate comfort. Membrane and inner liner are bonded together, grip tape between layers prevents movement even under pressure. Three-layer comfort, one feeling.

salomon fabric goretex

GoreTex with XCR – perfect solution for cool and cold conditions, technology provides maximum comfort for an even wider range of temperatures and activity levels. Maximum breathability even when exercising heavily, no heat accumulation, during a break you won’t get cold. Keep hands warmer and drier for longer, ideal for higher activity levels in cool and cold conditions.

salomon fabric goretex

GoreTex ideal for cold conditions, keep hands dry and warm even in wet conditions during your day outside. High breathability so moisture in the form of sweat can escape, hand stay warm when its cold, hands stay dry even when you perspire.

scott apparel fabric clima snow

Weather resistant construction against cold, wind and humidity to ensure great comfort for outdoor activities.

scott apparel fabric coated outshell

With coating, without insert all fabrics have treatment to make them water-resistant for occasional skiing.



scott apparel fabric gore-tex pro-shell

Engineered with the most rugged, most breathable and windproof fabrics for extended and extreme conditions. A must for outdoor professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

scott apparel fabric gore-tex soft-shell

Constructed with soft and warm fabrics, the durability, waterproof, windproof and breathable shells are designed for reduced layering and improved freedom of movement in colder conditions.

scott apparel fabric gore-tex performance-shell

Designed to provide breathable comfort and durability, waterproof and windproof protection and ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities.

scott apparel fabric gore-tex active-shell

Combines a lighter, thinner membrane with fine denier performance textiles to deliver the ultimate 3-layer solution. Durable, waterproof and windproof, extremely light-weight and designed for the active consumer, allows extreme breathability and excellent next to skin comfort.

scott apparel fabric gore-tex paclite-shell

Lightest, most packable fabric, durable, waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable ideal when weight and space are critical.

scott apparel fabric windstopper soft-shell

Offers total waterproofness with maximum breathability combining the comfort of a soft mid-layer and the water resistance of a shell in one garment.

scott apparel fabric toray dermizax

Utilises ultra-thin monolithic membrane’s polymer molecule movement to efficiently absorb perspiration vapour build-up from the inner surface and effectively disperses it throughout the fabric, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

scott apparel fabric polartec-high-pile

Minimises warmth without weight, compressibility and breathability to achieve the utmost versatility and performance under extreme conditions.

scott apparel fabric polartec-power-stretch

Feature body-hugging 4-way stretch and are extremely breathable, keeps you dry when you sweat and provides warmth without weight.

scott apparel fabric polartec-power-dry

Designed to keep skin dry when you sweat due to its superior wicking action, high breathability and quick drying function ensure garments always feel comfortable next to skin.

scott apparel fabric spectrm-1012-shellscott apparel fabric spectrm-1010-shell

Exceptionally breathable, waterproof and highly flexible high quality fabric combined with Teflon DWR (durable water repellent) finish is also applied to the shell for additional water repellency and protection against saturation

scott apparel fabric merino-wool

This naturally elastic, durable fabric exhibits moisture and odour management properties as well as UV protection


SCOTT FABRIC TECHNOLOGY (copyright Scott Sports)

scott apparel fabric advanced welding

Provides an alternative to stitching through elimination of traditional bulky taping as a substitute for stitching a seam. AWT provides a durable welded seam that is impervious to moisture and allows flexibility, resulting in a lighter more durable garment that is extremely comfortable.

scott apparel fabric dupont

Provides warmth and comfort without weight – even when wet. A light-weight fabric that provides heavy-duty performance and wearers stay drier because it dries 20% faster than other insulating fabrics and 50% faster than cotton.

scott apparel fabric gore

By using different Gore-Tex fabrics in specific locations in the garment viewing the human body as a map with different climate zones specific Gore-Tex fabrics are uniquely combined to increase breathability, comfort against the skin, warmth and/or fit precisely where they are most needed.

scott apparel fabric all-year

Represent functional pieces intended for year round use.


scott gloves 1

Provides durable, welded seams that is impervious to moisture and allows flexibility, the result is a lighter more durable glove that is extremely comfortable.

scott gloves 2

Will keep hands warm and dry by providing durably waterproof and windproof protection and breathability. Ideal for cold, wet conditions.

scott gloves 2

2 in 1 Technology offers 2 levels of warmth and improved tactility in one glove. Ideal for different activity levels and changing outdoor conditions.

scott gloves 3

Moisture wicking liner is an effective moisture management fabric system, effectively absorbing moisture and spreading it over a larger surface thus accelerating the evaporation process to keep you dry during wear.

scott gloves 4

PrimaLoft insulation offers superior performance for high-quality cold-weather gear. Lightweight, breathable and proven to repel water better than any other synthetic or natural insulation so you remain dry, warm and comfortable even in the most extreme conditions.

scott gloves 2

Gore-Tex with Xtrafit technology is ideal for park, pipe and spring use. The membrane and lining are securely attached to each other and there is grip tape placed between the insert and outer material in the fingertips. The result is optimum grip when you need it and softness and comfort when you don’t. Waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable.

scott gloves 5

Provides the perfect barrier against wind with less bulk but with maximum breathability.

scott gloves 6

High-performance stretch – 4-way stretch fabric with high quality fibres guarantees long lasting life-time and performance.


Works by trapping air molecules between you and the outside elements. The more air a material traps in a given space the better it insulates you from the cold outside air. As Thinsulate fibres are finer than fibres used in most other synthetic or natural insulation they trap more air in less space which naturally makes for a better insulator.

scott gloves 7

Provides warmth with a comfortably soft, lightweight insulation.

Waterproof Membrane

A unique polyurethane insert technology – numerous micropores of minimal size are placed all over the polyurethane coated film. They shut out water but allow moisture from the body to transfer through to the outside. Perspiration can easily escape allowing the wearer to stay comfortable.



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