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Ski Suit - one piece or 2 piece suit that will keep out wind and snow.

Base Layer – climate control micro-polyester sets, worn under ski clothes provides extra warmth and wicks moisture away from the body.

Mid Layer – fleece, worn over base layer, for really cold days

Gloves or Mittens - personal preference need to be warm and snowproof. Mittens maybe warmer than gloves as the fingers are not isolated in individual chambers. Additionally easier to put on for younger/smaller children. Glove glue to keep gloves/mittens from becoming lost. Glove liners also available for really cold days.

Socks – seamless tube socks in a variety of colours and patterns offering softness, comfort and warmth. Sock liners also available for really cold days.

Hat – vital piece of kit that serves a dual purpose it will help stop scalp/ears from burning or it will help to keep warm as approximately 70% of all body heat is lost through the top of the head. Always wear/carry a hat whilst in the mountain environment.

Helmet – strongly recommended that a helmet be purchased as hired helmets offer no guarantee that helmet has not sustained an impact that could compromise safety. Make sure children know how to fasten the helmet properly.

Goggles – essential piece of equipment even for those younger children who are not skiing. Goggles will stay securely in place during activity and provide a seal around the eyes to keep out driving snow and harmful UV rays.

Sun Glasses – essential for bright, sunny conditions - use whilst walking around the resort shopping, sightseeing etc. Keeps out harmful UV rays. Use of a glass retainer also helps glasses from becoming lost.

Snow Boots – ideal for playing in the snow or whilst walking around the resort.

Sun Cream - use a rich moisturizing sun cream to protect against harmful effects of the sun. Sun cream should be applied regularly throughout the day, every day, even on cloudy, overcast days. The use of a lip balm with sun screen is also highly recommended as this will prevent lips chapping and blistering.

Bits and Bobs – ski walker* – an extremely useful piece of kit to enable even the youngest of skiers to carry their own skis (or to enable mum/dad to carry several pairs with ease), disposable hand/feet warmers, ski ties, lift pass holder, small backpack* for drink/snack

*especially useful for those who are in ski school/nursery and may not be with parents.

Warm kids are happy kids


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